Wow domino effect.

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  1. Great year for borrowing peoples stocks so you can sell short. Excellent opportunities!

    Wow lots of folks with ugly deteriorating balance sheets out there and hoarding money like it was the 1930s just so they can meet potential margin calls. No one willing to loan anyone money, none one touching those papers folks too scared and just holding that cash just in case the phone rings.

    I see dow hitting 11,500 this year easy. No problem at all.
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    another member of the marketsurfer and nitro "Predictors Club"

    I remember when i first came into the chat room and nitro said some housing stock was the best thing since sliced bread. i said to myself: keep thinking that bozo. Then marketsurfer makes a few calls and claims fame a few weeks later. Some things never we are and a new fool is predicting what even Yogi Berra advised him not to do. .. :p
  3. Don't you think you're being a little too hard on the guy?
  4. Don't let those margin calls get to you.
  5. Weeeeeeeeeeee 11500 here we come.
  6. Wow the DOW falls from 14k down to 11,900 and now all of a sudden you're calling for 11,500 woo hoo you're really stepping out on a limb with that call.
  7. 11,900 already
    11,500 will be easy
    so will 12,500
    its been doing this for a while
  8. Man lovely shorting today. Like I have been saying the domino effect in full and those dirty balance sheets and margin calls just keep coming.

    I love 2008, Thank you Bush,Bernanke and everyone involved for making 2008 a great year for the bears!!!!

    GO BEARS!!!!

  9. lol
  10. I took a conservative approach today. Loaded up on those Ultrashort ETFs near the end of the day. That Bernanke rally is gonna be very short lived.
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