Wow congressmen asking Geithner and The FED Who DO they work for

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mikasa, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    live now on CNBC, congress got balls now

    probably Ron Paul has been educating them on The FED and who owns it and why

    IMF can't kill us all

    (or can they) :eek:
  2. It's amazing how Ron Paul, advocate of the US Constitution, can't get a sniff... yet we elect a narcissistic, Progressive Leftist, Marxist, Commie Obama.... simply because he promised "free ice cream"..

    Perhaps part of America DESERVES going into the shitter for being so naive, greedy, and stupid.. Wrong, that it takes the rest of us down the toilet with them.. :mad: :mad:
  3. This is America ...themselves of course.
  4. didn't Paulson buy like 500 million worth of Cali real estate, he must be living it up