WOW Bill Maher on his show complains about people pirating his show.

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  1. WOW Bill Maher on his show real time tonight complained about people pirating his show, while he bagged on people over the rejection of SOPA.

    This is hilarious to watch. All of these assholes in hollywood who have religiously endorsed socialism now have their panties in a bunch because they are not making enough off their movies. Turns out sharing the wealth is a wonderful concept as long as it is not your own wealth being distributed.

    I never realized how big of a deal this could be before tonight, but it looks like Obama is going to run straight into either hollywood, or his young base on this one. Check out this video where that criminal chris dodd stands up for hollywood, go to 1:05 on the video below for that dirt bag dodd. :D
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    Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.
  3. Yeah, just ask Newt. And Mittens:D
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    Hollywood is pushing this anti-piracy thing big-time. I actually doubt it is cutting that much into their revenue. Their revenues are down because a lot of conservatives like myself won't go see their crappy, loudmouth liberal starts.
  5. It must totally SUCK that liberals control EVERYTHING:D :D
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    In a few short months they won't be controlling the Federal Government any more. You can count on that.
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    If you're so sure, put your money where your mouth is. Agree to stop posting forever on ET if Obama wins again. Or are you justing talking through your hat?*

    * "Hat" being a euphemism for a more blunt anatomical reference.
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    Says the guy who is on his third alias and has been banned twice.

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    Well...that would certainly explain why EVERYTHING is so fucked up.
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