Wow, Big Brown is sick.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by CoralReef, May 17, 2008.

  1. What a horse.

    See ya at belmont
  2. acto


    Where is the competition? You see them battling out every year but this year there's no horse close to him.
  3. That acceleration was great. I thought they were showing it at higher speed on the replay , but when they said it was normal speed, you can really see how BigBrown made the pack look ''like they were standing still".

    Man, I love the Triple Crown. It gets me so pumped for Saratoga, my local track.
  4. He's great, no doubt. But every horse is beatable, including Big Brown. Look for Casino Drive to post a shocking upset in 3 weeks in a thrilling stretch duel.

    It will be great for horse racing to watch Curlin vs. Big Brown this fall.
  5. This horse rocks.

    Getting the best of everything.

    $500 shoes.

    Best juice in the biz.

    Can't lose.
  6. man you got me- I thought you meant he was sick like with the horse flue. I have not broken down any furlough times or how many seconds he gets from point a to point b, but by first gut feeling is this is a terrible field of challengers this year and it's tough to judge. Nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing a horse come home without the whip that was a beautiful site not a whack, he seems to have a real dominating personality really gnawed at that I assume mare's neck when they settled him down after the race. I don't see how he could lose in 3 weeks, there was a lot left in the tank. If he ever broke down and was put down. I don't think I'll ever watch a race again.. Things are that up in the air in horse racing...the breeding has gotten out of control, the horses are to Big and the legs to small... Big brown was picked up on the cheap some sucker really lost out. That's got to hurt......~ stoney