Wow, 99er's get extension ?

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    The only thing I don't understand is why this took so long. The republicans are not about to stand by and be called a bunch of meanies for not handing out unemployment. And the democrats are even more interested in not raising taxes. Maybe the sticky point was whether all the Bush Tax Cuts would be (temporarily) extended for everybody or just some income levels.

    But this was a done deal months ago.
  2. 5 years from now when the unemployment rate is still high (unless they come up with another phony way to "measure")... surely it will dawn upon the government that our unemployment situation is STRUCTURAL.
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    what is the real unemployment if you include worthless government workers?
  4. Sure. The Leftists just keep piling on the "social benefits" (as fast and as much as they can get away with)... and "government employees to administer them"... without regard to the fact the the sum of those two just might be (and in fact, already IS) too much of an expense load for the private sector economy to pay for.
  5. They need to start including 99+ers in those "Hottest Careers in 2011" type articles. No work, "job" security virtually guaranteed by the gov't...other than a higher salary, what more can you ask for?
  6. It's amazing. The "unemployed" get all of these weeks of benefits.. while the "self employed" who are out of work get NOTHING... IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT THEY PAY BOTH THE EMPLOYER'S AND INDIVIDUAL' SHARE OF SS AND MEDICARE TAX!... TWICE as much as "employed"...

    Or, am I missing something here?
  7. I don't support extensions for the 99ers, but if we're going to provide public aid to billionaires in the form of tax breaks, then I guess we have to provide support the the enternally unemployed. If we're going to prop up the casino capitalists in the financial industry, then we have to give aid to failing companies like GM. If we're going to cave into the facists on the radical right, then we must kneel before the radical left as well. Until we stop letting the radical elements of either party mantian control, the country stays broke.
  8. +1

    why is it that self-employed and independent contractors are never mentioned
  9. For one thing, they wouldn't be members of a union... however not all employeds are unionized..

    Odumbo is a BIG FAN of unions.... of course unions are little more than "legalized extortion"... but that's OK too, so long as it redistributes the wealth.
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