Wouldn't that Black President from the show "24" be better than Obama?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FortuneTeller, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. I don't know if anyone here has ever watched the show "24", but they had a black President not too many seasons or so ago. He was a big guy who looked and acted like he could really be the President of the USA. He could be nice. And he could be mean. And he was smart. And he had a commanding presence. Obama doesn't seem like the kind of guy who can be mean. And he doesn't seem to have a commanding presence. I'd rather have the guy from "24". I am sure you have seen him as he is in a lot of Allstate commercials. That dude should get into politics. He is also the lead actor in the show "The Unit" on CBS. Cool show.
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    Why don't you wait until he is sworn in and has a few months to perform before you pass judgment?

    Better yet, why don't you find something productive to do as opposed to starting idiotic threads on ET?
  3. Too funny you mentioned this......I told my wife during the election season, "why can't we have honorable constitutional candidates like David Palmer from 24???"

    I would vote for a president like him in a heartbeat!!!!! :cool:

  4. If Obama does not toughen up contempt will soon follow him.
  5. This just in: He's not the president yet.
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    These reichtards are desperately praying for an Obama failure. Which means a failure for America, given our current sad shape.

    Deep down, they have all the patriotism of Benedict Arnold. They are narcissistic sociopaths.
  7. Sometimes it certainly seems that way.
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    Yeah - what happened to the "Country First" slogan...oh yeah, I guess that was only if THEIR candidate won.

  9. I was standing beside Barrack Obama in 2004 as he jammed his index finger into Alan Keyes chest in an effort at intimidation. I've heard other stories of Obama temper tantrums. Nothing wrong with that. His obvious flaw is what we're already seeing. Change was just a slogan. He's pure trial lawyer charm/bullshit. This guy would call his grandmother a racist if it would get him an extra vote....
  10. Make that a side of Eggs Benedict. If the black dude from 24 is Prez I want Aunt jemima as first lady. I love that girl!

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