Wouldn't let others know

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  1. Keep it to self. No one else in this world will know or understand. Because they don't deserve it.
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    and was ecstatic about it why would one not want to share the news with friends and family (other than spouse)? Anyone care to analyze that?
  4. What are we talking about here....secrets, identity, outward appearance, motivation or self worth?

    or is it just making it your own?.......

    Michael B.

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    Just the ramblings of a lost sole.

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    >Just the ramblings of a lost sole.

    Or any other bottom feeding flatfish for that matter.

  7. Well, first things, first...:)

    Michael B.

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    Why would you tell others of a significant win? Let alonge a loss.
    In fact why speak of how and what you do at all in detail?

    I find the 007 mode perfect. After all, only you and ur accountant know the truth.
  9. Have you ever watched an ant colony? Have you observed their communication with each other towards their common goal of survival? Instinct and the soul among the socially dependant human race (not ants)can be perplexing and actions cannot be reasoned with through logic.

    I often wonder about sharing and its implications.....Teachers and educators are "called" into their profession, I believe.

    I have had the joy of helping another trader just recently and he is making money, which was a far better reward than the money I have earned in trading. I am not a teacher, but am considering it....

    So Er..back to your post....I humbly disagree on part of your point...but simply to build confidence through bragging or lack of, is another story. It is a matter of preference and how it makes you feel towards yourself and your identity. It is human nature for you to want everyone to be like you. You want to be accepted...Your inner thoughts are dependent on this, whether you admit it or not.

    Read "Mrmarket is Huge" Satire and relate, am curious to your response ... LOL

    Michael B.

    P.S. Do you realize that the career you have as a trader is dependant on the big mouths of other traders and people? Fear and greed and reactions to stimulus.... drive the market......

    Er...I tend to agree with another part of your point about sharing details....but if you and I and the others in the pit were like this....oh lol I could see it now...you could hear a pin drop!! I guess IBD, and the Wall Street Journal would be one page long...and we would not be graced by the wonderful posts here in ET...

  10. Yes, time for someone to buy a new pair of shoes. :D
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