"Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"

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  1. We all have our moments of "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!" When was the last time you missed the ride to that huge gain you so often see on the charts like GOOG (regardless of whether long or short)? Maybe it never even registered on your radar or perhaps you've hesitated a bit too long in your anxiety to obtain further confirmation. Share your tales of missed and lost opportunities.

    Disclaimer: This thread is created solely for amusement purposes. Please refrain from diatribes of any sort.
  2. I went to cash in my 403b retirement plan in late 2007. Had I just waited patiently I could have redistributed at the bottom around march 2009 and grew it 2x+ within the year. :mad:
  3. BSC @ 2. I knew better, it was a slam dunk misprice.

    BIDU ipo, I spent a lot of time on that and the market opened down that day and I got gunshy, what further pissed me off I shared that work with another guy and he bought in and sent me a pleasant thank you note, If I remember correctly he almost had a double when he sold later that day or the next.
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    Ever hear of Bre-X Minerals? Look it up, it's quite a story. Anyway I knew a few guys who started buying it at about 70 cents. It ran up to over $200/shr and was eventually found to be a fraud and went all the way back to zero. One of these guys never sold a share and actually added as it went down. Now THAT is regret.
  5. One of these guys never sold a share and actually added as it went down. Now THAT is regret.

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    bre-x should be read by anyone who trades or invests.

    it's an incredible story, and it wasn't just confined to the pink sheets...
  7. Well, going all in last March and taking a long vacation would have been nice.:(

    I remember watching AA and IP both around $5 saying I guess the world don't need aluminum or paper any more. Traded them some but left a ton on the table.
  8. Shoulda got out of RIMM @ $140. Got out @ $70 instead :mad:
  9. As a daytrader (scalper to be specific), my problem of late is that I get in too late and I don't get out early enough. I swear this is going to shorten my life by at least 10 years.
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    After a spike from $3 to $14 in '98 and back to the $4 area, a friend finds and researches a small financial compnay (TEKC). He buys close to 20,000 shares and mentions it to me. Story sounds OK. I traded it often, scalping 10, 20 sometimes 30-40 cts. within several days. He goes for buy and hold (gonna be a $50 stock!) LOL

    In 2000, it spiked again to 14. I hold none. He sells none. Within a week or so it's $6 and under $2 within 2 months. I resume trading it. He holds.

    In 2001, it spiked to 6 and then dropped to $2 where he finally sells, perhaps for a loss.

    I'm not sure which is worse, me booking a couple thousand a year in trading gains (missing the big one) or him not cashing in over a $200,000 gain :)
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