Would your rather pay the pip spread or a fee

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  1. Would you rather pay pip spreads or be charged a flat commission when you trade currency like $20 for every 100k round turn traded on all pairs
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    I think Fx Futures afford this opportunity Bro.
  3. How much do they charge i know nothing of fx futures Im a equity day trader and was looking to open up a forex account so is paying a fee cheaper then paying spreads ?
  4. da q of da spread is da least of all concern...fx spot bucketsh..errr brokers are badly regulated if not completely unregulated...u primary concern shud be da safety of u funds'n'havin' a fair plain' field; if u have a professional attitude u don't even consider tradin' trough boilers, full stop.
  5. Have you heard of Coes they charge $10 per 100k round trip traded are they reliable or should i stay away from then is that a good deal they offer?
  6. CoesFX is the most expensive.

    HotSpotFX: $3/100K
    Iteractive Brokers: $2.50/50K
    MB Tading: $5/100K
  7. Great could i get the websties to those brokers thanks and whats the minimun deposit for them?
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    IB is $2.50 min. But .00002 (2 10ths of a pip) thereafter per side.

    So a 1,000,000 (10 lot) comes out to $20 per side.
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    Min. $2k
  10. bt,

    no brainer...

    a fee definetly, because you pass BE with size when compared to spread-commish.

    but i still use a spread-commish broker, because on unit size increments that they offer.

    Michael B.
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