Would you vote for them to direct the economy ?

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  1. Directors of the twelve banks that make up the Federal Reserve.
    Boston Chairman: William O. Taylor. Taylor was born into ownership of the Boston Globe, which was merged with the New York Times in 1993. He graduated from Harvard, he runs United Way, the Center for Foreign Journalists, and the Boston Public Library.
    New York Chairman: Peter G. Peterson. Peterson is chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (surprise!), and Institute for International Economics. He founded the Concord Coalition, as well as his own private investment banking firm. His wife runs the Children's Television Workshop and is probably responsible for the mass merchandizing of poor ol' Elmo. He's been awarded honorary doctorate degrees from six universities. Presidents from Nixon to Clinton have fawned over him.
    Philadelphia Chairwoman: Charisse R. Lillie. As a minority female, Lillie wasn't handed her establishment credentials. She's cool. She helps fight discrimination in federal court and works for election reform. Go Lillie!
    Cleveland Chairman: David H. Hoag. Hoag worked for over twenty years at LTV steel. He also sits on the board of Chubb, an insurance company who estimated they lost $500-600 million dollars in connection with the September 11 attack.
    Richmond Chairman: Jeremiah J. Sheehan. Sheehan runs Reynolds Metal Company, which merged with Alcoa in 1999. Alcoa is the target of worker and environmentalist protesters across the globe.
    Atlanta Chairman: John F. Wieland. Wieland is single-handedly responsible for the obscene suburban sprawl that had come to characterize Atlanta. He has built more than 12,000 homes in the area, as well as a 500+ acre golf town. He likes to collect art.
    Chicago Chairman: Robert J. Darnall. Darnall worked for almost 40 years in steel, including as president for Ispat International, which pressured Indonesia to sell Krakatoa Steel on the cheap.
    St. Louis Chairman: Charles W. Mueller. Mueller worked his way up at Union Electric, which merged with CIPSCO. He is CEO of that love child, Ameren, who wants to build a hydroelectric plant near Church Mountain in Missouri.
    Minneapolis Chairman: Ronald N. Zwieg. Zwieg is President of United Food and Commercial Workers and is responsible for the well-being of food processing workers. Meetpackers have the highest rates of injury among any occupation. Hmmm. Is that why he gets along so well with the establishment?
    Kansas City Chairman: Terrence P. Dunn. Dunn inherited the J.E. Dunn construction company from his grandfather. Their projects, which generate $1.3 billion in revenues each year, include several "correctional facilities" (prisons), casinos, and the Sprint world headquarters.
    Dallas Chairman: H.B. Zachry, Jr. Zachry Jr. presided over his father's construction company which handled lucrative Department of Defense contracts during WWII. Their recent list of "satisfied customers" include Alcoa in Jamaica, BP Chemicals, and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.
    San Francisco Chairman: Nelson C. Rising. Rising is CEO of Catellus Development Corporation in San Francisco. Real estate in San Francisco. How can you get more lucrative?

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