Would You Take a 4% gain in 3 days?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by igum, Jul 26, 2005.

Would You Take a 4% gain in 3 days?

  1. Yes

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  1. igum


    Would You Take a 4% gain in 3 days?
  2. lescor


    You're asking if anyone here would accept free money?

    Put me down as a yes.
  3. hajimow


    Definitely. I have taken 1% in a month on a trade. Actually I have come out of a trade flat after a week. I have come out with %15 loss in 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!. Time does not have any meaning. If you think that you should get out, get out.
  4. I interpreted the question as a risk-free 4% trade in three days, and that's of course a "yes". This does not mean I would necessarily take my profits after 4% gain on any random trade - that is much too complex a situation to just say yes or no.
  5. igum


    What I mean is you sorta feel it'll go up higher, but who knows it could chop around and go back even. And if it goes up to where you think, it could be another month or so!!
  6. Ebo


  7. So you are saying it could go up down or sideways?

    Take off 50% and tight stop I suppose.
  8. Complex question, but strong sector probably not;
    especially if had traded that one for some time.

    And would also keep in mind most will NOT gain 400% in 300 days also.:cool:

    Not a prediction ;
    how she pulls back may hint also.
  9. Only if I was risking 1% to get it.
  10. how much do you have under management?? :D
    #10     Jul 26, 2005