Would you switch?

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Would you switch doors?

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  1. Keep your original choose

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  2. Switch your choose to the other unopened door

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  1. Remember the old 'Let's make a deal show'?

    Here is the scenario:

    - You have 3 doors to choose from. You pick one door.
    - One is a winner, the other 2 are losers.

    You choose a door and one of the other 2 doors is revealed to show its a loser.

    Question: Now that you have seen one of the other 2 doors has been revealed to show it was a loser, would you now switch your original choose of a door to the other remaining unopened door and WHY?
  2. No rational basis for either holding what you have or switching. Odds of ending up with the winner are 50:50, regardless.
  3. Did the person who open the door had prior knowledge of where the winer was?
  4. Would have to have known... would spoil the deal if the person accidentally revealed the winner.
  5. It's not 50:50.

    Think in terms of conditional probability and you will switch every time!!
  6. euclid


    One door vs the best of two doors. Not a hard choice.

  7. Then switch

    1choice was 1 out of 3
    Your 2choice is only 1out of 2
  8. No rational basis to switch. The odds are 50:50 whether you hold or switch.
  9. Explain this apparent BS, please.
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