Would you Support a Draft to fight in Iran?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, May 22, 2006.

Would you support President Bush in a draft to fight Iran

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  1. Just wondering, if president bush decides to push for a draft to support the military in a battle for iran. Would you support it. Especially since the age for military service has been upgraded to as high as 40 year of age? Especially since they are pulling in reserve and national guard troops in their late 40 and even 50's. and some specialists in their 60's.
  2. what are you american or Iranian american? If second, then you are an idiot

    why opening so many thread on Iran what are you up to?
  3. ElCubano


    we will strike iran or isreal will strike iran..I dont think invading Iran is the direction we are headed... peace :wtf:)
  4. hey Iran was just like iraq. They have admited to WMD aspirations. So I just dont get the reluctance of the president who promised, PROMISED to protect the United states from rogue wmd powers. That he would strike first. He said iraq was an immenient threat. Now all of the people who made death threats to people who were anti war iraq are now going we have to go the diplomatic route. where are those people now. I just want the gung ho americans who began the war in iraq to come back. Just b/c you lose 2500 american lives, over 10K physically injured american soldiers, and over 50K iraqi dead and you americans lose your resolve. I say if it takes a 1million american soldiers, to invade iran, and who cares how many die, its worth stopping them from having nukes.