Would you rather trade on your own making 100k yr or trade for a firm making 500k yr

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by discrat, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. discrat


    As a independent trader I haven't quite reached 100K a year. But I am making a comfortable Living full time for over 3 years now strictly on my own from my computer at home. And would not trade this for anything.

    Not even a job trading at Goldman Sachs
    for 500K or even 1 million a year.

    I just love the freedom too much :) And I hate Authority.
    Also its neat to get up in the morning and trade in your underwear if you want :p

    How about the rest of you ?? What would you prefer ??
  2. AO76


    I would defenitely trade at Goldman if I had a chance. Enviorment is very important as in any job/sport.

    If there are good people around you they will help take you to the next level.

    It's all about competition and trying to be as good or better than the person sitting/playing next to you.

    You don't get to experience this sitting in your underwear scratching your sack at home.

  3. Drew07


    I'm in college so I can't really speak from experience, but I think working at home would be too boring for me. Having interaction with other traders throughout the day sounds a lot more appealing IMO. I'm surprised that you wouldn't trade it for 5x's your current salary....that's very admirable considering most people don't like their jobs near that much!
  4. Drew07


    I don't think it's fair to say that he's "sitting around scratching his sack"....he's obviously making a good living and very happy with his career. Good luck with that chance at Goldman though, let's just hope they don't ask you to spell "environment" on a verbal skills test.
  5. I think what alot of people miss here is how different the two games are (trading for oneself vs trading for institution/opm), with separate skills that don't necessarily translate.

    That being said, for me 100k just doesn't seem worth the pain/suffering/work involved for figuring out and doing it the right way on your own (remember how much you gotta fork over to uncle sam as well), especially if 500k is the alternative working for someone else. Then again, there is likely no chance that any firm would probably ever want to hire me.

    500k on your own vs 1MM otherwise might be a more even choice.
  6. AO76


    Listen up you panzy. 100K is not a good living trading. People make that in a day.
  7. Drew07


    How much do you make hot shot?
  8. AO76


    I do very well. Thank you.
  9. I would not change a thing...only to trade as well as you guys...maybe
  10. Drew07


    Well you still sound like a fucking idiot....and if you're willing to criticize how much money someone else is making then at least have the balls to reveal how much you make.
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