would you rather be lucky or good?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by killthesunshine, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. lucky is a one shot deal.

    good is consistent.

    "would you rather be lucky or good" is an old street adage.

    given the choice, i'd rather be good.
    how about you?

  2. question:

    would you rather have 3 base hits and an RBI for every ten times at bat..

    or ONE HR?

  3. How many men on base for the HR?

  4. noone else, just you at bat
  5. That answer is too easy then, of course you take the 3/10 w/ an rbi. .300 avg can get you in the hall of fame, no one ever made it to the hall with a .100 avg. Even if you don't drive in any runs with 2 of your hits, they can easily move runners over, have you on base for someone ELSE to drive you in, rattle the pitcher etc etc.

    If you had said 3/10 w/ 1 rbi or 1/10 with a hr and 3 rbi, then it would be a different story.