Would you rather be learned or wise?

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Would you rather be learned or wise?

  1. I rather be smart

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  2. I rather be wise

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  1. For those whom I am stating the obvious, asking for forgiveness would be applicable. Many people, however seemingly miss the subtle distinction of wisdom and being smart/learned/knowledgeable.
    I am sure many here on this forum have known very smart, intelligent and educated folks who were later proven a complete f**k-ups in all or most aspects of their lives. The key is, it seems that knowing something will not make us free, applying that knowledge can make us wise and hence liberation could commence. Life rewards the learned - getting jobs and advancing in your career wisdom might help but degrees, titles and 3 letters acronyms (CPA, Phd etc) seem to work better. Wisdom comes when you learn that beside all the stuff you must lean they forget to teach you the lessons of the street. There is an education in school and the real education of life. In the later, if humility and receptiveness exits, wisdom can be had. The best wisdom my former teacher told me was; "the secret of life is letting go". Letting go of fears, worries and negativity. I know, it is easier said than done, but if you do it right it will liberate you. When one can truly let go and accept whatever happens and he is on the path, nothing bad will happen to him that otherwise would not have happened anyway. There is no need to worry about money, jobs or even health. The universe will take care of you. All of you, if you have real faith and just let go. This outlook will do wonders for stress and anxieties.
    The Ancient Wisdom is not a religion or philosophy it is just paying attention to what's important. As they say - in life do not sweat the small stuff and it is mostly small stuff.
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    I voted wise because I think you have to be smart to make consistently wise decisions. Even if someone is programmed in youth with wise principles, too many decisions in life have to be made on an ad hoc basis which require weighing confusing, complicated pros and cons. Stosh
  3. Andrasnm;
    I voted wise:cool:

    And fish really is brain food;
    wild caught salmon especially.

    Good [wise ]points on not worrying, thats not healthy also.
    One old timer said ''most of the stuff i worried about-
    never ever happened:D ''
  4. Smart = written rules

    Wise = unwritten rules

    Imo, if you're learned in one field and grasp and apply the unwritten concepts of that field, you can transfer these skills to ascertain the unwritten rules of other fields using the Pareto principle (roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes).
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    pick up your bible and peruse the book of proverbs, instant wisdom
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    there are some good quotes in proverbs.

    I voted wise:

    Wise: having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right,
    knowing good from evil, self control, understanding, eager to learn.

    Smart: having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability.

    Knowledge: you can obtain knowledge if you're eager to learn.

    you need to be wise to make the right choices
  7. I kinda expected most to vote for wisdom so maybe the POLL is a bit silly. :)
    But I strongly suspect that worry, fear and excessive greed can cause "smart" traders turn bad. Trading is 90-percent in your mind. The Jesus parable about the sparrows is my favorite and tells the same tale as my former teacher....
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    This is such a thoughtful post.
  9. heypa


    I voted wise. Have known too many people educated beyond their capacity
    to assimilate. They seem to have a compulsion to over analyze and over complicate situations.
  10. a wise man is always willing to be taught.
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