Would you pull a Madoff if you had the chance?

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  1. A cool billion stashed in an offshore account and a lifetime of lavish living in exchange for shame, ridicule, and hurt until death.

    Is it worth it?
  2. Isn't Charles Ponzi the patron saint of Wall Street?
  3. Evil is too strong

    the only way to win

    is to deny it battle

    in other words, don't put yourself in position like that, and always have plenty of fear
  4. being sodomized in prison for a measly 1B - no thank you!
  5. he aint going to prison. He could easily bail for Rio tomorrow.
  6. he could be sick and is counting on skipping prison for medical reasons.

    after $50B scam nobody escapes the law in US. FBI will track him down if he tries to leave the country.
  7. The judge confiscated he and his wife's passports.
  8. AK100


    Many people could pull a Madoff if they were the only ones that went down or had to endure the aftermath.

    But what about wife, family, children etc, they bear just as much as the brunt as the lowlife man in charge.

    One thing that gets me about this prick is the charity money he was running. If so many people were trying to invest with him why couldn't he have asked the charity money to leave and try and set them up with other fund managers? Or at least the charities that had 100% of their assets with him, take them out to lunch and convince them to only have a max of 20% with any one fund.
  9. Absolutely not. That was cruel of him to did what he did. How could he sleep at night?
  10. Oh HELL no! Earning the money is much more pleasurable than simply having it.... regardless of the moral aspect of hosing others.

    I suppose that's why some rich people don't enjoy their money.. it's been handed to them so they don't have the best appreciation of it.

    That's also the reason there is such an attraction to the financial markets. We all know it's difficult, LOTS of people try but few succeed. And there is great satisfaction awaiting those who conquer the beast.
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