Would You Pay $59 Per Gallon For Fuel?

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    The Air Force and Navy are.

    With many claiming to feel the pangs of the sequestration, it appears a green companyfs contract for a more expensive jet fuel was allowed to go through.

    The renewable chemical and biofuel company Gevo in its first quarter investor relations report stated that it signed a contract with the Defense Logistics Agency to supply 3,650 gallons of renewable jet fuel.

    The order, worth $215,350 total ($59/gallon), is set to be delivered by 2013's second quarter and has the option to be increased to 12,500 gallons, which would cost up to $737,500.

    Gevo calls this an ginitial testing phase.h

    Under other contracts, the company already supplies renewable jet fuel for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy.

    As the Washington Examiner pointed out, DLA set conventional JP-8 jet fuel as costing $3.78 per gallon at FY 2013 rates.

    In other renewable jet fuel news, the Wisconsin-based company Virent Inc. delivered 100 gallons of bio-fuel this week to the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

    The Dayton Daily News reported that the jet fuel produced from 100-percent renewable plant sugars will be tested against applicable standards as the Air Force continues to strive toward its goal of flying on domestic, alternative fuels by 2030.

  2. Ice-cream fuel.:D.
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    Anyone want to start up a bio jet fuel company with me?

    Apparently the Odumbo regime is stupid enough to spend any amount of money on anything labeled "green". No matter how broke we are.
  4. Where did they get the nonsense that jet fuel is renewable? Once it is burnt, it becomes part of the atmosphere and it stays there.
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    Maybe we could get the government to buy some really expensive guns from us if we paint them green. Like $30,000 pistols, $100,000 rifles. Get your green guns right here, Obama.

    Or, we could sell them some gasoline with a little green food coloring in it for $59 a gallon.
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    Maybe it's made out of corn or some other crop.
  7. I remember putting some JP-5 in a jeep for shits and giggles. Ran like hell, and then...we all had a good laugh. Just something to do when you're bored with the war.
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    If it walks like a communist, quacks like a communist... Yep, gotta love our "free" Country. Our Founding Fathers would be carrying weapons on their march to Washington.
  9. I am going ahead and filing for the company...I think we will settle for buying jet fuel and adding some green food coloring to it. We will claim it is made through photosynthesis and it is a steal at only $45/gallon.
  10. I'm going out on a limb and guessing the companies selling this crap are big obama fundraisers.
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