Would you pay 5000.00 dollars for this?

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  1. If there was a trading firm in your city that would:

    1. Teach a beginning trader to become a consistantly profitable trader in 1 - 1.5 years average.

    2. Would teach you different trading styles in the market of your choice (stocks, futures, options, forex) tought by traders with 5+ years experiance of profitable trading.

    3. Would provide one-on-one training

    - nate
  2. No. But thanks for asking.
  3. Pekelo


    IF, and it is a big IF, the promise could be guaranteed somehow(or your money back, you still lose your time) that would be a rather cheap education for 1 year. Compared to college, that is almost free. After all you would get a profession for that money...

    But again, the guarantee part of the story is a big if...

    Would I take it? No...
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  5. In hindsight, hell yeah.
  6. This would be a dreamed up scenario but in reality :

    1. It does not take 1 year to find out if you have ability or not. Some people just cannot be thought.

    2. Good method works pretty much on anything.

    3.Nobody will train you 1 on 1 for one year for 5k .

    Unless you are a hot and naughty girl.
  7. You can sit next to the best trader forever still doesnt promise you will have the same results
  8. Back in the day like the late 90’s there was a guy named Jake Bernstein. He was selling a mentoring program for trading future spreads by experienced traders. His deal was if in 1 year you don’t make at least 5k he would refund your money! I don’t know if it was worth it or if anyone signed up!
  9. Very much no!

    I would rather spend a few weeks learning, then open an account with 5k and blow it learning in real time. Best lesson a person can learn!

  10. yes, if the things you listed can be verified.
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