Would you pay $27,000 for software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Batman28, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. there is a software I've just found.. and it does exactly what I had in mind.. it's for trading of course.. but guess what, the price is $27k. can you believe this! is this the most expensive software in the world?

    is it worth it, if it does exactly what you need it to do.. the other option is to basically programm and build it yourself from scratch..
  2. ...... i'm sorry, this has to recieve my award for "Dumbest Question of the Week", and it's only Monday.

    Good job....

    If it's a clone of Jessica Alba, or Jessica Alba herself, then maybe we can talk, but c'mon....

    You might leave here with your head intact if you tell us what wonderful software this is that will make all your dreams come true.
  3. how is this question dumb.

    imagine there is a software that does all the things you want.. would you pay this much for it? I know it's alot of money, I wouldn't.

    I'm sure any of you here who have build your own apps for trading won't just give it away for $100. i guess $27k is worth it for some people. what do u think?
  4. If it's guaranteed to make me money, and more than $27000 per month, of course I'd pay for it.

    If it's just another tool, then I would only pay a per use fee. Monthly subsciption or per execution.
  5. its not per month, it's one-off.

    it's not a money making black-box. but let's say there is a few things YOU, yes you who is reading this, use to make analyse the market and trade. and this software gives you everything in one.

    portfolio management,
    real-time econometric testing, forecasting,
    reat-time price-tick recording and storing (for later study/back-testing)
    risk mangement & optimization, montecarlo sims etc.
    real-time feed etc.

    the software is very very flexible and powerful. 700+ math functions.. indicators.. blah blah..

    i think if i was personally to programm and build this, it will take more than a year. to buy each of these components from different vendors would probably cost around $5k.. but very sticky and not compatable with each other.. different windows etc..

    wot do you think..
  6. Forget it....they are many alternatives out there that are 2% of the price. Sounds just like an overpriced copy of what already exists.
  7. jho


    Bend over...
  8. Ebo


    Does it swallow for $27K?
  9. ok i guess that's a no from everyone..
  10. I say get Jessica Alba instead... much wiser choice ;)

    I guess you have your answer as to why the Q was dumb :D
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