Would You Like to See Wall St. Handle Their Problems?

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  1. This is a sales email. So, you don't tell the client it's an AIG company? WTF??? LOL. Nothing different since I left.


    I have noticed that most (but not all) new business has been coming in on the new applications. I am sure without the “AIG” logo on the new Life /Annuity apps it makes it a lot easier to sell American General Life Company’s products.

    I wanted to remind you if you did not know, American General has removed “AIG” from all their applications, brochures and issued policy’s….so you can now go to the American General web site www.aiglifebrokerage.com and down load the new applications for your state. If you would like us to email you a set just respond to this email and our office will email you a new de-branded application kit.

    I was told today that the delivery jackets that policies come in will also have the “AIG” removed and now just have the American General Life Co’s logo on them.

    Thanks for all your business!