Would you like the US to change to Parlamentary system??

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Would you like the US to change to Parlamentary system??

  1. Yes we are going to be better off by having it

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  2. No, that is not what America should be about

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  3. We just need to change our present system

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  1. Would you like the US to change to Parlamentary system??

    If we have a parlamentary system everyone will be represented according to their political idiologies. We would also have more parties and politica competition and efficiency will improve.
  2. I've been thinking of putting up this exact same poll!

    I'm not sure everyone fully understands the implications of switching to a Parliamentary Democracy: In order to become Prime Minister, a Parliament member must build a majority coalition. Smaller political parties would then finally attain a degree of power, since they'd only join such a coalition in exchange for government concessions toward their particular ideology.

    For instance (and I'll keep this very simple, just for the sake of this example) - Let's say we switch to a 100 seat Parliament:
    The Republicans win 45 seats, The Dems win 45 seats, and the Libertarians win 10. No ruling government coalition can possibly be formed in this case without the agreement of 2 out of these 3 political parties. The Prime Minister wouldn't be a Libertarian, but the Libertarian party could refuse to support a ruling coalition without having certain specific terms met, such as revoking the Patriot Act or ending drug prohibition. Minority viewpoints would no longer suffer from complete disenfranchisement as they do today.

    Switching to a Parliamentary Democracy would be a tremendous leap forward for America. And don't worry, this wouldn't turn us into Western Europe. People hold different core values out there.
  3. loik


    Small government is better, don`t give the them your money, period!
  4. Saw a few PM Question & Answer on BBC when Blair was in power. Mumbling, chanters, heckling - it's hilarious.

    They've been doing this for centuries, eh?