Would you like a Position Trading forum on ET?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Sucker, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. OPC


    Beginners should also be warned that when asked for tips, professionals will more often than not say the opposite of what they are doing. After all, who is going to fill their orders? :)
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  2. Sucker made an accurate reference very early in the thread about commodity markets. Commodity futures, or futures as they have come to be known, present fantastic opportunities for those willing to assume the risk. Ags, metals, currencies, debt, exotics, oil are excellent sources of trend markets.

    Unfortunately, the term futures around here more often than not finds itself referencing the ES and NQ. As such, the discusson of position trading these instruments and the associated ETF's becomes an exercise of which way the Dow is going, a topic already discussed at length elsewhere.

    I am hoping for a position trading discussion to develop about Live Hogs, Soy Beans, Eurodollars, Cocoa, T-Notes, etc, and not which way is the Hang Seng, Dax, FTSE, NQ, EIEIO going. Or if it has to be equities related - sigh - then stick to methodology and not opinion about direction.

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  3. OPC


    Diversity of people and instruments. That's what free markets are all about!
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  4. Monsoon


    i'd talk with you about tbonds and commodities... but i have no experience aside from paper trading :(

    i dont care for stocks either.
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  5. I'd welcome a position trading forum
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  6. OPC


    Do you mean, you are trading indices? Paper trading and index trading are the same. The difference is that the latter puts money at stake. :)
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