Would you like a Position Trading forum on ET?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Sucker, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. don't try to BS me ..or anyone else..

    here are YOUR exact words ..


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    Giving up
    I am thinking about giving up trading. After almost two years in the business I just couldn't make a single decent trade

    your words, not mine...SUCKER

    admit it...YOU SUCK!:mad:

    and now you are looking for a life raft. HA!
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  2. Sucker


    Don't run away. I am talking about you, not me. Or aren't you even able to acknowledge who you really are?
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  3. Sucker


    I am a long time speculator and I have turned 400 bucks into 120 million dollars.

    Does this make you feel better, boy?
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  4. Sucker


    I can even change my nickname, if you want.
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  5. Dr Seuss would be proud!
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  6. Magna

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    I think a forum devoted to position trading could be very useful to many people. However, it doesn't really fit the general category of Trading for a Living since few (if any) people actually make their living by position trading. The IRS recognizes this by bestowing position traders with an "Investor" designation at best, which has relatively few tax benefits (as compared to "Trader" status or "Trader - Mark to Market" status). Upon reviewing the sections at ET it seems that only the Main would be appropriate, but that's up to Baron. People should continue stating their opinions on the subject (and try to refrain from petty bickering....) and at some point when enough voices have been heard Baron will probably have his own opinion as to what direction this should be taken.
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  7. Baron, don't make the forum.

    There no difference between daytrading and position trader other than time frame and few technical stuff.

    Technical stuff meaning, use of supply and demand forecasts, a few adjustments in how to interpret the technical indicators, and so forth.

    (added on edit:) In another words, it's like a guy who uses moving averages for diagonal support/resistance or a guy who uses it for over all trend direction. Everyone has different ways of interpretting based on his/her trading style. I use 5 min. charts and some use 1 min. I used to use moving averages for fourier / cyclical reasons, some use it in other ways.

    I've position traded using my own Turtle-based criterias. I don't see much difference other than the time frame.

    It's more about using each technique the way you should based on the style of trading you're doing.

    Whether you're a intraday trader or EOD trader, the perspective is both the same. If people can't find anything useful in the current forums, so be it. It's probably his problem not how ET is.

    If you are considering to change it, then sure that's fine. Just curve fit the site based on some rogue's opinion.
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  8. dbphoenix


    I agree that Main might be the most appropriate. Note that under "Trading", the description is "open discussion on all aspects of day trading and short-term investing". While "short-term investing" could be changed to "short-term trading", it seems clear that anything beyond short term is inappropriate, whether that was the intention or not. Therefore, one could avoid setting up an entirely separate forum by revising the description of "Trading" to include daytrading, short-term (or swing, if you like) trading, and position trading.

    One thing to consider is whether or not there would be enough distinct threads under a Position Trading forum to warrant the separation. If not, then changing the description of "Trading" would be enough. If there were sufficient interest in position trading to keep the thread near the top of the list, no one would have any trouble finding it, or related threads.

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  9. dbphoenix


    I disagree. Daytrading and position trading have different sets of expectations and require different management. Perhaps your way of managing them is the same, but that can't be said for everyone.

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  10. Sucker


    WDGann wrote:

    >If people can't find anything useful in the current forums, so be it. It's probably his problem not how ET is.

    That's not the point. It's about diversification and different trading mediums. It is probably no exaggeration to say that ET is all about E-mini's trading.

    Magna wrote:

    >Upon reviewing the sections at ET it seems that only the Main would be appropriate, but that's up to Baron.

    I will let Baron know that we are talking about it.
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