Would you keep this monitor setup or toss it?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cherubian, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Well, on my main trading rig I currently run three 24" at 1920x1200. I have another squawk box computer on the side. I just bought three more monitors with the intention of connecting them to another computer and mounting them above my existing three 24", but I am an idiot and didn't realize these new 24" monitors only go to 1920x1080!!
    So I can either go forward and have different resolutions across my monitors which seems like it would be totally weird, especially 1920x1080 (my existing monitors don't do that resolution well and have blocky weird looking text), or just throw these things on craigs list and start over? I don't really want to go thru the hassle of buying new ones and selling these though. Thoughts, experiences, rants about multi resolution setups? Any idea why my existing monitors look like crap at 1920x1080?
  2. Sounds like you inadvertently bought wide screens instead of the "old" 3x4 types. I don't like wide screens myself.

    But if you're ok with the monitors/resolutions, then what you need is to make sure you have the proper video cards for them.

    Putting them all on the same pc can be tricky depending on total # of video cards and operating system. WinXP is better in that regard than Vista.

    But I wouldn't "dump" them on ebay. Just put them to use!
  3. it's up to you. i ran a 17" crt and a 17" lcd for a while, then it was a 17" lcd and a 22" ws lcd for about 2 years. for a week i added a 24" ws lcd to the mix for a total of 3 different resolutons:D before i kicked the 17" downstairs. never much bothered me.
  4. Dude, wtf do you need 3 24" wide screens for? I have 1 with PIP and it's an LCD. I can't imagine 3 of these. LOL. I don't even think it would help me trade, but that's just me.