would you have sex with this chick?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. take the poll..don't be shy.
  2. 1 beer = no
    2 beers = no
    3 beers = maybe
    4 beers = probably
    5 beers = yes
    6 beers = hell, yeah, and her grandmother, too
  3. aph, be honest, you'd play with her even with no beers. :D
  4. I bet I could get her to buy me a drink.
  5. Looks a bar of Irish Spring, a little too manly.
  6. my judgement may have been affected by the topic of shemales... but I just don't have a good feeling. I would say NO.

    One time when I was in band camp... I meant Hollywood. I met these transexuals at some diner... lol. They told us they were transexuals, and they wanted to take me and my friends home. I mean she had the biggest breasts my 16 yr old eyes have ever seen... got hips and all the right curves. Face was a bit masculine though. I didn't even know they were transexuals until they told us. But now... if there's a remote hint of masculinity... I wouldn't touch. But then again... if I was totally drunk off liquor... well good thing is I won't remember, right? lol

  7. Seems like Monica Lewinsky's got a new career...
  8. I think it is a guy. So, I am voting no.
  9. Pretty close poll so far.

    What's the deal Gordon? Is it a she-man?

    Ps: Why don't you show us the rest of the picture. It looks cropped to me.
  10. Has he had the goods removed? If so, three beers would do it. Maybe two if I'm desperate...
    #10     Dec 31, 2002