would you give it all up to be super rich ??

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by marketsurfer, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Totally agree with you. I would add that we are on the road to the destination where we leave everything behind anyway.

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  2. I wonder how far the weight would shift from no to yes if the check was sitting on the table waiting for the ink to dry ...
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  3. Exclude me please. thanks.
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  4. wrong!

    very, very wrong.

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  5. rgelite


    I dunno. I suppose some people might be swayed. Since it's only a hypothetical, there isn't much chance of it ever happening. However (given as traders we deal in probabilities) there is an outstanding chance, by comparison, that one's wife or kid might stumble onto an answer that was "Yes" and then wouldn't that make for an interesting family meeting? :eek:

    People have various and sometimes complex hiearchies of values and I'm going to choose to respect what people have written as representing their own, i.e. that for some existing family will far supercede anything else they might ever hope to achieve. It's a common theory that people's primary values can be oriented by a need for power, for achievement, or for affiliation. Those in the latter camp can honestly state that a comfortable living is enough and that they'd rather spend their lives improving and expanding their existing relationships, as well as developing new rewarding ones. All the gold in the world wouldn't appeal to them. And that's perfectly okay, we each bring what we bring to the table.

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  6. rgelite


    I'm curious, blackguard, in what way do you see it as "wrong?" On its face, it seems to me a metaphysical fact that we live only once. But maybe you were writing metaphorically?
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  7. Hey Surfer, interesting question. Given that I am young, single, have no dependants and have a girlfriend who lives about 2000 miles away my answer is.....Hell Ya!! I wonder what provoked this question?? Are you planning on mentoring a team of dedicated traders to rule the markets?? If so, sign me up please :D :D :D Happy trading.
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  8. You contradict yourself.

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  9. NET


    Don't know the stats on that... are you referring to not having money or not having happiness? I've known very wealthy people who are also single and lonely, and I would never trade for that... Period.

    It think those that are quick to say no to this question of trading money are already wealthy in a way that those who are quick to say "hell-yea" will never understand... until they experience the wealth of those who--without hesitation--say no to exchanging it for money. Perhaps it's a bit profound and hard to explain, but each person on this question who answered NO will immediately know exactly what I'm talking about.
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  10. rgelite


    Well, don't beat me up for perhaps breaking one of your rules (we don't talk to Fight Club... or is it that we don't talk about Fight Club? I forgot.) :p ...

    ...but in what way is my observation that each of our lives is finite (as a physical organism having a beginning and an end in which no aspect of consciousness existed before nor exists afterward) seem to be a contradiction? It seems self-evident to me, barring any empirical evidence of an afterlife or rebirths (quaint and popular beliefs, granted).

    Just as in the case of another post that claims a statement was "wrong" or, in this case, that something is a contradiction without any further explication, well, it doesn't actually share any cognitive value in a way that promotes further understanding.

    Not that anyone is under any obligation to expand on answers, of course. But understand, without further explanation, the signal to noise ratio of either post is a bit low and what's written will stand on its own.

    So... can you be more specific as to the contradiction you see?
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