Would you fund a trader to help him out?

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  1. Personal History: I am 22 years old and through several years of disciplined hard work (easily 16,000 logged hours into the craft) and the right teachers always coming into my life at exactly the right time, I have a profitable discretionary day trading strategy. I trade based on price action. This is a means for me to achieve my dreams, part of my purpose in life and help a lot of people. I really enjoy the process as well or else I would not have spent so much time on this. I am very fortunate to be where I am and it is because for me I am following my calling and thus failure is really not an option and never has been. There have been times of fear, but faith has kept me here.

    What I am looking for is funding from a trader who has made it who perhaps understands my circumstances. I have a fulltime job that I will be able to keep due to hours (or reduce hours) to pay off the interest of a personal loan.

    If there was any interest in this I would post trades for 1-3 months (anytime longer and I think I will have the capital myself and the time may be better dedicated towards continuing to work on strategies as well as working myself to get the capital). I am looking for 15-30k (preferably 30k) and I trade the YM, NQ, and ES.

    Any other questions please ask.

    It seems I was unsuccessful in creating a poll. If an admin were to delete this post and other replicas I would appreciate it so I could recreate the thread. Thank you.

    EDIT: I wanted to add several things for anyone reading this and seeing discretionary trader and 22 years old. The best trait I have as a trader is my discipline. I have rules, many of which keep me out of trouble, some of which sometimes cause me to lose money. I do not get shaken in these times. I always execute what the plan says. If it turns out over the next 100 trades the plan is not right, I will revise, but I never, and I repeat never, break the rules. If the journal were to get the go ahead, this would be demonstrated.
  2. If we do a 60/40 split I would not be incurring losses would I? I would have to weigh my options over a few weeks but if the terms are right or this generates any interest at all I see this as at the very least a great backup plan to my other ways of acquiring capital.

    I want to generate some interest because right now I am not actively daytrading much as I am mainly focusing on testing the data I've collected over a pretty large period of time and just improving the system where I can. Being a sim master though is not really a title I want to hold so like I said, this sounds interesting...

    Also thank you for genuinely responding. I am expecting more posts like yours as I am keeping my heart in the right place on this one! :D
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    Just hook up with Bright or someone. In short order you'll get 10x what you are requesting with higher payouts. If you're as passionate about this as you sound there are many avenues.

    As a note of interest, at one time I was as passionate about this business as you are. I don't have any regrets because I've made a good, independent living in this business but I'll be the first to tell you it's full of heart ache and stress. You'll go grey quickly if you're successful. If I had to do it all over again I would never pick trading as a career. I'd get a PhD in Microbiology and study green stuff growing out of trees in some remote African jungle. Err..maybe just something a little more tame like cancer cell division or something.

  4. All very nice but ....

    >>> What I am looking for is funding from a trader who has made it who perhaps understands my circumstances.<<<

    (1) The fund-er takes all the risk, knowing the odds against (95%)? No collateral?

    (2) You said you'd have made the $ yourself in 3 months. So ... ?

    (3) >>> If the journal were to get the go ahead, this would be demonstrated. <<<

    the Journals section is already loaded to the hilt with sscammers and jammers
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    Who has to give you permission to start a journal?
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    I may be able to help or possibly direct you to one of several private firms that may fund you if what you say checks outs. However, I do have some skepticism about your claim of 16,000 hours of logged hours into the craft of trading by the age of 22. Even if you spent 12 hours of a day of deliberate and proper training at this craft it would have taken you four years and that’s using the false assumption that there are 365 trading days in a year. Secondly, how do you know this trading system is profitable, were you trading a live account at any time, where did that money go, why are your teachers unable to fund you. Moreover, can you elaborate on your discretionary price action based strategy, ie what type of risk parameters do you use, time frame, any indicators besides volume and a simple MA? In addition, where are you located since the backers that I know do like to trade in groups?

    I do feel for you, especially since I was in a similar situation a few years back when trying to break into the business. Shoot me a PM or a reply message and we can take it from there.
  7. I'm sure someone will fund your account.

    I love the part in Market Wizards where the one trader gives the other guy a tip, and the guy puts his life savings in this one option series...

    He loses everything, and the trader gives the losing trader all the money the trader had lost on the trade back, telling him he took the other side of the trade in order to teach him a lesson about not listening to other people....

    Hopefully you'll find someone to take the other side of your trade...
  8. As far as starting a journal, I've had one myself for the last 3 years of trading. But, if I start posting on elitetrader I intend to keep it consistent. Far too many start and stop and if I want to prove my legitimacy I will carry it out till the end. If I weigh this as my best option, I will start posting daytrades.
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