Would you ever lease your indicator?

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  1. This has probably been discussed 100's of times here, but its always something that continues to come up.

    Lets say you, and your finacially savvy colleagues have a combined experience of over twenty years of trading, quant and statistical analysis, prime brokerage, connection to wall street insiders and large hedge funds, etc.

    Through blood, sweat and tears...trial and error...1000's of backtests, 100's of redesigns, modifications and tweaking. Countless hours of research and study, conversations with well connected insiders, and on and on...

    You came up with an indicator that is very capable, but not perfect, and works on all markets and in all time frames. It is simple to setup and use, is completley different than all the canned indicators currently available, works most of the time to indicate direction and produces accurate buy/sell signals MOST of the time (but not always).

    Would you ever share it by leasing it to the general public. I mean, come on, why would ANYONE do this? What is the purpose of getting involved with the general public, all the hassles and BS.

    It doesn't make sense and NEVER will.

    If such a tool/indicator does exist, and it actually may, you'll never be offered to lease it for any amount. Greed rules and always will. There is NO reason to lease/sell anything that has a high percentage of accuracy trading any instrument.

    Ok, stepping off soap box. Have a nice day.
  2. While you are off your soapbox, post some calls.
  3. Crispy


    General public, no.

    But I do have one consulting client that gets my model and he pays me well.
  4. FAIL

    It must not work that well. Why would you need to be paid well from a consulting client when you could trade the model yourself.

  5. Crispy


    You`re right, he pays me because it does not work well.

    Now do you want a legit conversation? Or are you gonna be a 15 year old and say "FAIL" again?
  6. Alright, too much vinegar in the urine today...

    Greed rules, always will...with any system or model that produces well and is scalable, why does the creator feel the need to lease.

    Generous and a willingness and desire to help others? Please... if that were the intention, those desires can easily be fulfilled through charity or there would be no costs associated with the system.

    Sure, we're all unique and all have different motivations.

  7. This is pretty broad - indicator does not mean a trading strategy, in which case, yes I can think of circumstances where it would be warranted.

    If indicator does mean trading strategy, then again, yes there are probably some cases where it makes sense depending on the sharpe and availability/cost of funding. Even 'strategy' is broad.

    So Yes, but No, but Yes, maybe.:p
  8. zdreg


    good job. these 2 guys were ready to go at each other.
  9. Pekelo


    And you would know that how? I have to agree with Crispy, (beside you being a dumbfuck), if it doesn't interfere with his trading results, why wouldn't he let others use it for a nice fee? After all that is extra profit without a downside.

    Now it is your turn, explain why making extra money with no risk is a bad thing? Oh on the other hand, just die....
  10. Your argument is called a strawman in logic. There is no such indicator. All known to men indicators require subjective input. This includes all trading systems. Full automation is a huge fallacy. They also require risk and money management.

    I have said in the past that I know a guy who made millions trading a moving average envelope. He had his own way. Others trading the same envelope lost money.

    The edge is in the word "context". I forget who is using it here contantly but he is right. It is the context that provides the edge, not the indicator or the system.
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