Would you eat soylent green

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  1. If the food is as scarce as reported is it likely we would need to eat soylent green. Would you eat it.
  2. I guess if we ran out of squirrels and possums.....
  3. Only the parts that smell like fish. :p
  4. What "report"?

    "Soylent green" is fictional.

    And are you really a mod? Do you care that this thread is devaluing this site?
  5. Tough crowd.

    There have been loads of reports on the shortage of food because of the weather conditions etc. It is just a hypothetical question.

    Ever heard of Malthus.
  6. Source?

    Please...malthusian catastrophe is a theory.
  7. high99


    One word. Poontang. Down low. Breakfast of Champions.
  8. I'd eat Soylent Green if it tasted like chicken with a little Tabasco. Hell I've eaten worse. MRE's are pretty bad. But C-rats are worse

    I still have my " John Wayne."
  9. no one would eat it - Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
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