Would you dump your trading method...

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    ...if someone suggested a completely different system to what you accustomed to(you might use it for decades),but with the greater outcome?
  2. Dumping a proven method for one of greater potential would not be an option. There are too many intangibles surrounding this ‘system of greater potential’. The first of which is whether I would have the psychological make up to handle the new systems ups and drawdowns. The best I could do is allocate a small amount of capital to trading this ‘new’ system, log the results and evaluate whether this new system had potential using my trading plan.:D
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    Thats what i`m talking about.What if someone granted a black box to you?Would you dump your method?
  4. What is the point of your question? Will this ever happen to anybody in the world ever? Doubtful.
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    Please describe your method In a few words and I'm gonna tell you the point.
  6. Multiple time frames, intraday trading, based on consistent historical patterns found through proprietary research and analysis.

    ok...now what?

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    Now what?Now dump it and play Need for Speed.

    :D :D :D
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    Now seriously,would you dump it for something completely different?Say that has no charts or,on the contrary, the only chart with the only horizontal line, for e.g.,but has 99% outcome??

    p.s. i mean instead of yours 50/50 system that you are using now?

  9. Nope, mine's been robust for over 12 years, I'm very comfortable with it and the winning percentage is high enough. I have absolutely no need to change anything.

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    Only? Let me know when you fix it.
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