would you do her?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ROCK SOLID, Aug 25, 2003.

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    Man, she is uglier than a can full of assholes.
  3. . . . and a bucket full of amrpits :D
  4. Rock, how can we answer that without seeing her body? she may have an a$$ like Bartiromo's. :-/
  5. May qualify for DSLs, though those teeth look ominous :p
  6. What is wrong with you people? "Uglier than a can full of assholes???" Please tell me you weren't being serious.

    I think she's very pretty. It's obviously a bad freeze frame, though.

  7. She just has a look like her next words will be " Uh, like, you know, this market thingy . . ."
  8. i must TOTALLY AGREE. for me, the ass is SO IMPORTANT. cuz i don't know many hot girls with a bad ass. if the ass is good, usually the rest of their body is in good shape.



    p. s. i've never seen bartiromo's.
  9. :D true, very true!!

  10. i don't know about you guys....you 've been on the gay marriage thread too long.....I'd take her in a heart beat....since when has everyone's standards gotten so high??? Shit, at this point in my life, id take Monica lewinsky in the blue stained dress!! ( as long as it was dry)
    #10     Aug 25, 2003