Would you buy GMs IPO?

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Would you buy GM?

  1. Yes...I will buy the IPO

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  2. No...I wont buy the IPO

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  3. I am going to short that pig ASAP!!!

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  1. I cant imagine why anyone would buy GM, but seems the news media is talking about how much money they are going to get for the IPO. Would anyone on here actually buy GM?
  2. pspr


    You get a free car with every share!
  3. wow! 100%! go GM!
  4. i remember the local ford store giving 1000 shares of ford stock if you bought a new ford back in the dark days not that long ago.
  5. I haven't researched this but have any of the underlying causes that led to the failure of GM changed?

    What's new and exciting at GM?

    The most recent headline is the end of Pontiac. Wow, there's a rally.

    Cut pay? Another ho hum.

    Cars look like they're designed by accountants and bean counters from the dept of energy. From there, they are re- designed by trial lawyers.

    Guess I'm spoiled from the headturners of my youth.
  6. dtan1e


    if u owned GM just before and buy the IPO again is like getting burned and be back for more
  7. Word is that IRS refunds will be paid out in gm securities.
  8. Sorry I did not follow the story.

    What happened to those old GM stock holders after GM went private?
  9. They will be getting a coupon that offers a 2% discount on a new GM purchase.
  10. emg


    Why not buy GM. After all, the gov owns GM meaning safe investment backed by taxpayer.

    Too Big To Fail
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