Would you buy Facebook at $4?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by peilthetraveler, Sep 16, 2012.

Would you buy facebook at $4?

  1. Yes, I would buy at any price because facebook is going to the moon!

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  2. Yes, I would buy at $4

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  3. I MIGHT buy at $4

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  4. No...this stock is going alot lower than $4

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  1. Trying to decide if I should buy facebook WHEN it gets to $4 in the near future. Facebook is so huge but most of their income comes from advertising and if any of you have ever tried advertising on facebook, you know that every $1 you spend on advertising on say Google, you have to spend $4 on facebook to get the same results. With that kind of return, I think that they wont be in the advertising business long. Which makes me wonder....will facebook be a good buy at $4? They have integrated themselves pretty well into the internet so its hard to imagine people will start to go elsewhere, but if they dont find another stream of revenue soon, I think this company will not even be worth $4. What do you think?
  2. Everyone I know is on FaceBook every one. Everyone is facebooking and they are texting constantly
  3. zdreg


    how is it monetized?
  4. Yes
  5. clacy


    Yep, and they still can't make money. What they have to worry about, is technology changes fast. There's no guarantee that the "facebook" of 2020 will still be facebook.
  6. All I could get.
  7. I read somewhere that facebook gets 100 billion hits per day. That's a lot of interest.
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  9. Facebook needs a good CEO. Someone to figure out how to sell something to 100 billion eyeballs every day.:confused:
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    Agreed. OR, maybe if fb were to feature Obummer on their main page with a gold crown, and called him the almighty, no question our communist in chief would figure out a way to bail them out.
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