Would you buy a house, anywhere in the US, right now?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by eagle488, Sep 29, 2006.

If you had a choice, would you buy a house anywhere in the US right now?

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  1. i will be the first to admit that if you are a young guy looking for naked women on the beach and excitement my town is the wrong place for you but if you are just a family looking for a great place to raise a family with good schools, no crime, no income tax,top medical facilities and reasonable living expenses it is a good place to live. it was voted the number one city to live in back a few years ago by forbes or money magazine.
    to be honest it has some drawbacks also. it has lower wages,cold winters,it is sometimes called the bible belt of the north. different strokes for different folks.
    we dont have an income tax but they stick you for property tax. expect to pay 3500 a year on a 300k house.
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  2. test
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    risk, right on. increasingly competitive business environment and the low cost of living (wages/taxes/prop values) make a lot of midwest cities desirable.

    60k - 100k salary goes a long way in des moines. certainly can't be said about LA or San Francisco.
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  4. That's not bad. Down in Central FL you pay $5K on a 300K house. No income tax though, similar to your state.
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  5. lincoln park chitown was the coolest place ever a while back

    hows it nowadays?
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  6. Without income tax, you've got to pay your local bloated school board somehow.

    The key is to *rent* somewhere like that. That way you pay hardly any tax at all.
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  7. <i>p.s. and what does sioux city have to offer besides horse shit...?</i>

    First-class hunting and fishing. I'll add my own topless babe to the backyard scene. Iowa City would be fine, too... world class racks out there!

    No interest in any place with more than two traffic lights between home and the other side of town. Where I live now? 1,800 people and zero traffic lights. Real estate appreciates gradually & methodically, can count on it for long-term gains without irrational bubbling

    Western NY state
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  8. right. citi bank moved their credit card operations center here. they can get the employees they want for 40-50k.
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  9. The phrase "corn-fed beauties" comes to mind...
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    austinp: you could not be more right! heading to good ol' iowa city this weekend!!
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