Would you buy a house, anywhere in the US, right now?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by eagle488, Sep 29, 2006.

If you had a choice, would you buy a house anywhere in the US right now?

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  1. You want a beach on the cheap? Do what I did and head to the Great Lakes. Three months (summer) out of the year you have the same weather as Miami. Buy on the Eastern end, and you have the nightly sunsets just as beautiful as Key West with the added benefit of fresh water. Six months out of the year (Spring / Fall) the weather is a coin flip - could be nice, could get your boat swamped by major storms (or a snow squall) - with the added benefit of no hurricanes. The remaining three months out of the year, well, you better like snow and ice - with the occasional school of fish frozen into the side of your house.

    - Spydertrader
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  2. i was mainly talking about cali not florida. speaking of florida. i have a sister in orlando area. i have spent time down there in the summer. they run from an air conditioned car to an air conditioned office to an air conditioned house and cant stand to be outside because its so stinking hot. some life in paradise.
    if you live in florida you mostly get to deal with new york assholes because they have taken over the state.
    nice place to visit in the winter though.
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  3. california escapees.
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  4. Pabst


    The New Yorker's aren't bad. It's those whiny "wet foot, dry foot" bitches from Habana that get to ya...:D
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  5. LOL On business trips to Phoenix one of the main topics of discussion was the influx of Californians. The locals referred to it as "The Peoples Republic of California"

    When they offered me a transfer to Phoenix I about laughed in their faces.
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  6. ElCubano


    :D I agree with ya...them boys think the grass is greener over here...then they have to actually work and the end going back...:D

    and vehn the humidity is a killer....I run from a/c to a/c and sometimes dont even do things cuz i know i have ot get out of the a/c... hahahahah
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  7. bjdhawk


    Vhehn, agree w/ you. i live in des moines, ia and think this area is diamond in the rough. we are seeing some california/new york based companies moving operations to this area so word is spreading of the benefits/qualities to midwest living.
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  8. Yahoo Real Estate and zillow.com are both interesting analytical tools for seeing how much appreciation happened how fast in any given area. It's true that the numbers aren't that accurate -- my sister just sold her home for 30% more than the zillow estimate. But it does allow people to obtain a sense of scale that only an agent would have had before...
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  9. My neighbors house is listed on zillow as worth $318,000.00 and it just sold for $417,000.00
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  10. Tax breaks and logistics.
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