Would you buy a house, anywhere in the US, right now?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by eagle488, Sep 29, 2006.

If you had a choice, would you buy a house anywhere in the US right now?

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  1. Pah. The beaches are uninhabitable during the warm months. Smog, traffic gridlock, trashy people, smirking teenagers.

    What we need here is a neutron bomb detonation while my family and I are away on a trip.
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  2. ElCubano


    the trend is down?? :confused:
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  3. ElCubano


    you in the wrong beach homey...our beaches are littered with bueatiful woman ( many topless ) , wind surfers, volleyball players, castle builders, bars , shops , restaurants....

    there is nothing better than waking up at 6am and being able to take a swim before going to work...ahhhh the good old days in sobe.. :D
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  4. really. i watch house hunters on home and garden channel. i see these idiots buying 1950s 900 sq ft shitboxes for 800k. my garage is bigger than 900 ft.
    if you want to live in horrible 2 hour traffic commute,crime,struggle to make high house payments on some crackerbox and then pay high taxes just so you can live a couple of hours from a beach more power to ya. like i said we dont want them here anyhow.
    some of them must not agree with you because too dam many of them are moving in.
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  5. Yes, the trend appears to be going down. Unfortunately, as I have said, there are no real time charts. Most of the reports you see are not in real time and some are indeed manipulated.

    For example, those times on the market are not accurate. Some realtors will take a house off the market for a few days and simply relist it starting the clock over again.

    So when trading real estate you can only rely on general trends and hope for the best. Unless there is someone who can come up with some reliable charts using exact information.

    I see an awful lot of gloom&doom stories on CNNFN real estate section. I dont see any articles on there telling people they should buy right now...
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  6. ElCubano


    800k for 900 sq feet..you must be watching the wrong house hunters...i am but 45 seconds from my office..a rock throw away from keybiscayne beaches and a bridge from south beach...my house payments are probably less than yours..and many agree with me beucase prices ran up huge here while according to you your property value hasnt increased shitzo...mine on the other hand has increased 4 fold...peace

    p.s. and what does sioux city have to offer besides horse shit...:D
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  7. If you are a doomsayer, and you do believe that prices will continue to drop significantly and you live in a volatile area, then one of the best ways to respond to this belief is to is to sell your house now, and either rent one, or buy one in an area where prices are not as likely to retrench. And if you're a bull, it won't matter much if you do the same, though you could miss out on upward volatility. So, ironically, the question boils down to whether you think you'll miss some rebound to the up side by selling too close to the bottom.

    As for me, I'd never decide where to live based on the price of housing over the long term. And, you really ought to look at the prices of properties in North Florida. Some of these areas haven't participated in the real estate boom and the beach isn't too terribly far away.

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  8. In 50 years the mid-west will go though what Ireland has been going through recently. Everyone left because it was poor and desolate. Now they have money and miss the home place so they rush back and drive prices up.

    The herd will slosh back and forth as long as there are people, money, and open land.
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  9. ElCubano


    and who is "them" by the way?
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  10. Ive lived in SoCal and in the northeast. There are advantages and disadvantages to both places.

    I can say for a fact that it is much harder to get around and stay in shape while its cold outside and snow is on the ground.

    For a single guy not concerned about career, I believe SoCal is the place to be. The women definately seem to be more eager in SoCal if you know what I mean.

    However, a college educated guy stands a better chance at building his career in NYC. If you cant find work in NYC, then there is a wealth of cities within a 200 mile drive, i.e. Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, etc.

    The northeast is the place to be to build a career. SoCal is a good place to be if you value women above all else...
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