Would you buy a house, anywhere in the US, right now?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by eagle488, Sep 29, 2006.

If you had a choice, would you buy a house anywhere in the US right now?

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  1. <b>Kiwi</b>, you & I have made a lot of money in the markets relying on much less historical data than what many types of U.S. real estate markets have documented literally for centuries and still presumably offer into the future. Agreed?


    <i>"Everyone who is an arrogant clueless f*ck says this kind of crap. Listen my friend,..."</i>

    <i>"Stop being such a doylem and read some history on booms & busts, before you start lecturing others who have already done so and made their living at it."</i>

    Cutten, suits me fine who doesn't buy what. You're a trader? Me too. I take my trading proceeds and roll them into what seem to be most viable assets from a long-term, historical perspective. Suit yourself... I was only making conversation. Didn't realize there was a real risk of viewers here stampeding into the NYF.L. region real estate market on my words. Should I post a realty disclaimer, too?

    <i>Dear god, I may be a sacriligeous atheist, but please let people like this continue to put their money into the markets. Thank you.</i>

    My money is in the ER market today, next week and next year. Don't you worry about that. You are most welcome to take the other side of any & all my trades... I'll gladly give you all my trade signals if you promise to fade them 100%.


    A little bit of hostile tone in your voice tonight. Gosh... lighten up!

    Austin P
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  2. Better yet, why dont you "roll those profits" into a late night infomercial big guy? After all, your "soft sell" around here is going a bit limp dont ya think?
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  3. Texas women are the most "high maintanence" women in the world...beware the Texas blond :D (or brunette or redhead)
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  4. By "high maintanence" do you mean "not interesting to talk to"?

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  5. This site is handy for getting a picture of what real estate is doing in Boise. It uses Google Earth and downloads a pin for each listing.


    Real estate prices went nuts in the last three years, especially for rural land. Five years ago you could buy a couple acres in the country for $30k, now people are trying to get $230k. It is still less than most of the places you guys are talking about. I personally don't like living here. It is too dry and hot in the summer, and the growth is bringing in an element of crazy that I am not used to. That said, there is a lot of public land in the mountains and desert to explore if you are into that. I read that the Owyhee County desert (south of Boise) is the most remote and unpopulated area in the lower 48. The land area is as big as New Jersey and only a few thousand people live there, most in towns on the border. No real roads go through most of it. If it rains, the dirt roads turn to chewing gum, so don't get stuck in a thunderstorm. Paradise on Earth (not). I have tried to make peace with it and learn to love it, but so far I have failed.
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  6. For investment? No, I would not buy at this time. Wait a year or two, and then buy in the big city. There will always be some dope willing to spend a million to live in a box. That said, there are many fantastic places to live in this great land, all of them several hundred miles from the nearest big city. They may not always be the best investment of you money, but they are most certainly the best investment for your head.
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  7. Most people want to be near a city for the jobs and the culture.
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