Would you Belieave in Global Warming if 10 category 5 hurricanes hit the USA this yea

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Mar 20, 2006.

Would 10 CAT 5 hurricanes hitting the USA change your mind on global warming

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  1. Im talking about 10 category 5 hurricanes. Unprecedented in history. 3 was the many in recorded history for the united states. But 10, would that change your mind on global warming? Its in your face, and its not even little cat 1 or 2's, but the huge cat 5's.
  2. achilles28


    Global warming is a fact.

    People just disagree as to its cause.
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    no - only bush disagrees to its cause. given that he was at the back of the queue when brains were being handed out.....
  4. achilles28


    Plenty of climatologists and scientists disagree as to the exact cause of global warming.

    Like all hot-button issues, this one has been twisted for political gain - this time by the socialist left who seek a global authority empowered to chastise the 'selfish' polluting nations.

    Predictably, the UN has valiantly stepped forward to save mankind from itself. In fact, the unbiased UN is largely responsible for funding a myriad of climatological studies that conclude co2 = global warming.

    Long before humans industrialized, climatic epochs occurred with astonishing regularity. Take for instance the most recent ice age. Where were our cars to serve as the catalyst for that radical climatic shift?
  5. Left, right, conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat; it doesn't matter what the affiliation is, they are all twisting this issue for political gain or damage control. Why? Because, like all hot-button issues these days, there is lots of money to be lost and gained by those that control the puppets' strings.

  6. achilles28


    I didn't mean to suggest the left was exploiting global warming to the exclusion of other parties; notably the right.

    I agree. Sensationalizing the issue to fit each partys agenda is widespread.

    But imo, in the case of global warming, the spin doctoring is being prosecuted predominately by the socialist left.
  7. Predominately? Obviously, you didn't read the contents of the link. The "left" aren't the ones suppressing the freedom of speech. It would appear that the "right" has no qualms about embracing that socialistic practice when it suits them.
  8. achilles28


    And the globalist left has no problem pushing junk science and a phoney paradigm of 'impending environmental destruction' to stack the deck.

    What people don't get is climatological epidemiology is a purely speculative pursuit.

    There is no scientific gold standard. No controlled variables. Just causative inferences based on deductive logic for a model humans do not fully understand.

    Therefore, any 'definitive conclusions' by the left are spurious, at best.

    We know that all sides are distorting the science to fit their own agenda.

    And we also know climate change has occurred with frequent regularity prior to human industrialization.
  9. I'd like to get back to the 10 category 5 storms. where the hell did that number come from? Is there some scientific backing to it or is it done with the usual accuracy of SouthAmerica's posts?
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    He's basing it off, 'The Day After Tomorrow'.


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