Would you become a castrate to live a few years longer?

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Would you chop it off to live longer?

  1. Yes. And I have a high pitch voice

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  2. No. I need to bang in order to be happy.

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  3. I don't know - sounds interesting.

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  4. I don't care, since I am woman.

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  1. nitro


    "...The historical record is not good enough to determine if eunuchs tend to outlive normal healthy men, but some sad records suggest that they do. A number of years ago castration of men in institutions for the mentally disturbed was surprisingly commonplace. In one study of several hundred men at an unnamed institution in Kansas, the castrated men were found to live on average 14 years longer than their uncastrated fellows..."

  2. pspr


    What kind of drugs do you use? Must be an interesting combination.
  3. i am confident NFV strat will start working very soon. hang in there!
  4. There are lots of things I would not do just to live longer.

    It's an age old debate of quantity vs. quality. Were you to offer both, well then I might have to take a second look.
  5. "I can't believe I outlived my dick"

    -------- Willie Nelson
  6. spd


    No vag, no will to live.
  7. Interesting... 75% in the poll chose "happiness" over longevity.
    People tend to take immediate and short term gain over longer term benefit. If you ask the question differently, I guess you would have different outcome. Ask what will you choose if you have one choice of 14 years away before the termination of your second chance of living, but face castration ; the other choice is being "happy" none stop, but have to die as soon as you finish your "happy" deeds. I am sure people will choose the former over the later. :D
  8. living longer dont make sense. if i had to die forcefully tomorow i would. mainly because i experienced and lived everything life has toi oiffer. no more surprises. the orgies. the millions. the success. the drive. the gourmets. the lov(s) . eveyrhting multiple times

    right now my timeis spent on eating shitting and topping my previous successes. quite frankly its nothing spectacular anymore just really nice living.n organism who has achieved the highest success. being king++ aint more fun then being king the first time.

    only ppl who wants to live longer are ppl who have nothing in lilife
  9. most people would love to live longer. it's all about the price of life extension.
  10. Maybe it was the healthy diet at the "institution".:eek:
    Personally I have no desire to outlive my ability to have some quality of life. Does that mean I expect to fuck like a stallion till the end? No, but if a good day is considered knowing my name and not shitting my pants, I'd be ready to see what's next.
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