Would you be wiped out if the Markets are closed for Months, due to bird flu or somet

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Would you be hurt if the markets were closed for months

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  1. Im just wondering how many people here on ET would be wiped out or severely hurt if the markets were closed due to the bird flu or some bad circumstances? Im not talking about closing like during 911 for a couple of weeks but for months like during world war I. If the markets were closed for months, would you have the financial liquidty to stay afloat?
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    If you are short otm options you should be ok! Why would the markets close? They are largely computerised.
  3. This is a contining issue in many places.

    You may wish to check out 10 or so to answer your question(s).

    If you get into trading, it will be very worth your while.
  4. why did the stockmarket close during world war I or during 911. The infrastructure was still there, but there was vast fear. The government and exchanges were afraid of a freefall. All I have to remind you is how easy and fast the economy would crumble. It only took lousina 1 day to fall into anarchy. If bird flu does hit, can you imagine the devastation it could cause. if you read in every 10K and annual report, you will always see a line warning about significant loses due to lost of key personnel. If you are talking about market mechanics. If you have hedgefunds and mutual funds selling stock rampantly b/c of redemptions. The nyse and nasdaq would have no choice but to close.

  5. Grain market will still be open as will gold trading. That is all.
  6. gold maybe, but for grains, oil, or any of the non metal commods that require recieavership of the actual goods, and commods that actually depend on dependable transportation of those commods, I think they will have to shut down those markets. Or in best case scenerio call force majeur for everything.

  7. Stop worrying. The U.S. markets are very defiant to world issues. They have, can, and will adapt to anything tossed at them.

  8. He's got a point. What if the world blows up, and you 've got Index puts. Who settles the trade?
  9. Kind of a dumb thing to worry about because everybody not just traders would have problems. You’re telling me markets will close for months but the banks, food stores, oil will be pumping out of the ground, and everything will be running but that one thing. If the bird flu happens I think you will have a lot more problems to worry about then that.
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    I think the bird flu issue is overblown.

    May happen in Africa . Or Far East Asia. Remote possiblity. Probably will be contained well. But not everywhere else.
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