Would this work... trading against a sucker

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    Most traders lose, this is a given. I'm curious if this is mostly due to the spread (ie if no spread then most would break even over time) or decision making that is so bad it results in trading decisions that actually go against the market.

    If the latter then I think I've found a goldmine: lend my money to some guy who's busted his account repeatedly and offer him a split percentage deal to trade. Set up a blackbox that orders the opposite direction of whatever he chooses and pocket ALL the money from the trades (maybe also pay a base salary so the guy sticks around :D
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    Okay, you're free to stop thinking.
  3. sure, it's your wallet on the line. fine with me.
  4. You have found a goldmine but its not yours. Please feel free to test your theory but have a real good think through the logic of the above statement first
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    Thanks for your permissions but I'm more interested in the viability of this plan. More specifically an answer to the part about whether losing traders tend to be pretty close to breakeven before fees, or if they do much worse.
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    This reply kind of defeats the purpose of this board doesn't it. I'm here to absorb the knowledge and experience of others!

  7. like you...
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    too much work, find a discarded system and fade it, done.
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    Not true because I'm not a trader!
  10. Mate best advice get a few good books and learn from them then get on a free sim and play around with it. From there you might start to learn and start developing some basic trading skills. DONT come on here and start spouting out about black boxes and finding the holy grail through fading a sucker because at this point in time the sucker is probably YOU. Start slow and build your knowledge.
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