Would this line hold EUR ?????

Discussion in 'Trading' started by madmaxer, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Would this trend line hold EUR ?
    or at least shorts would cover at this line !!!!!
    I guess we shall see...
    Vol higher than average, RSI passing 25 line....
  2. There's a guaranteed possibility that it definitely might react, probably somewhere around the next contact point. At that time the market will reverse if it doesn't go down in the absence of a sideways consolidation.

    It is unquestionably so imho.
  3. risky63


    tomm. will tell.......
    prob get 1-2 more down days, then a little breather.
    lets see what the " employment #s " are.
  4. it doesnt have to break
  5. Are you absolutely sure about that?
  6. What platform is that?
  7. The chart I posted was ECH10 " future contract " , on Tradestation

    BTW, seems like the line has been respected, same as the Feb line on indices.

    Interesting that Friday vol was exactly the same vol of the day it made its top.
  8. Gcapman


    Not a chance in hell....after that horrible RBS news!