Would this be insider trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GordonTheGekko, Nov 2, 2011.

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    The market delay over the alantic is very small, but nonetheless prevalent.

    If one has a communication system that is faster than market data, and can see prices before the rest of Europe by a few microseconds, and traded on this, would this be insider trading?
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    No. Why do you think HFT colocate.
  3. Although it ought to be insider trading.
  4. Dude... maybe you should go read up on what inside trading actually is (and isn't) before trading your friends' money.

  5. In the good ole days when data speed had price tiers you'd be amazed at what happened and even more amazed at the morons who never caught on.
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    What a stupid username
  7. sigh... it comes from an old fixed income trading adage: don't miss the bus for a plus (a '+' is 0.5 tick in bond quotation)....

    but why would you know that; you've never set foot on an actual trading floor (not even as a settlement monkey)

    why do people with zero knowledge of actual finance always think they are equipped to run other people's money...



    That won't be considered as insider trading, also because the few milliseconds of a difference advantage you MIGHT be able to obtain will be taken up by

    1) Your brain trying to process the information you received
    2) Your fingers moving the cursor on the appropriate contract to click buy/sell
    3) Your data connection speed that will not allow your order to be executed before the price action (of the 'insider info') shows up on your screen

    So yeah, good luck