Would the United States support House of Saud or democratic rebels?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Sep 19, 2006.

Who would George bush support?

  1. house of saud

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  2. or democratic rebels?

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  1. Just wondering if a section of saudi arabia rebelled, and declared themselves a democracy and asks for help from the united states. Will the united states support them militarily or support their buddies at the house of saud.
  2. Good question!

    Thats a doosy. As much as I hate to admit it, I'd bet the US would stick with the current power arrangement which has worked out great. It could happen too. The Saudis are very paranoid of this over there. For the time being though, they will just keep buying off the opposition. They have been doing this for decades.
  3. I think that the original question unnecessarily assumes that we are involved in a struggle for the triumph of democracy. The Bush administration's consummate failure of leadership, thus far, has been the inability to inform the People, that our war with al qaeda is about the survival of the U.S. -- not the bringing of democracy to other nations.

    I don't care if any other government survives, unless its survival enhances the survivability of the USA. How other governments choose operate is their business, unless and until their operation threatens our government -- then it becomes our business.
  4. its a funny question because we would all like to think that we would support the democratic rebels. But then that would threaten the oil there right. And the house of saud is a loyal supplier of oil to the US. And if you get democracy there, they might not be as willing to supply oil to the US. They could decide to ship it to china.