Would the short ban apply to index futures?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by swtrader, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. anyone know?
  2. No. Theyd have to ban futures trading all together.
  3. I doubt it. Their goal is to stop individual companies from being "ruined" by short sellers.
  4. just21


    Would it apply to market makers in options or stock? Guess not.
  5. That would be sad but funny, trying to trade one way futures. Is it even remotely feasible? Hit the 1st strong indicator, regardless of system, and it would simply blow up and drive everyone away.
  6. fseitun


    Futures and derivative products were created to hedge against risk.

    No way they would ban short selling futures.

    That would mean banning the whole purpose of having futures.

  7. moonmist


    No. Index futures are regulated by CFTC, not SEC.

    Thank God !!:p

    Look at the bright side. It'll provide a great incentive to learn option theory: Buy Put and Sell Call.:D
  8. There's no naked short selling on futures!
  9. Guys, futs are zero sum. You can't make a market unless someone goes short.

    duh. :D
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    But for how long?
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