Would the public be warned of Impending Crash in Big Brokers and Banks or just the in

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  1. When I talk to old investors they like to think that big brokers like Goldman Saks, citibank, merril lynch, and even morgan stanley are just to big collaspe. Even in a case of a rouge trader. The government will always bail them out or the FOMC. Is that true. And if something bad happens like a rouge trader or just a trade that goes extremely wrong, will the public have advanced warning?
  2. yeah.
  3. sure. they will have a news conferance and tell everyone to bail before its too late.
  4. LOL! Good one!
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  6. It's probably safe to believe "advance notice" would be similar in nature and extent to that given for Enron.
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    there's a guy named Moulin, he's a Rouge trader. Look out for him...he'll be standing in the back of that press conference, I'm sure of it. He's crafty....
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    Did you know refco was going to collapse?
  9. It is funny you should mention Refco. I was meeting with my broker in Chicago a few weeks back and he said everybody knew Refco was going to implode.

    Another long time trader in the business told me that you should never trade through a firm that is self clearing, apparently Refco was? I am not sure I never used Refco.
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    Yes, the government would bail out the big banks if the risk was great enough. This includes Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and in a crisis the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) would be sure to meet and be likely to drastically reduce the discount rate. It has happened before and I am sure it will happen again.

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