Would some one help me out?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by c_verm, Apr 30, 2004.

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    I do not know how to program nor do I have software that can take easy language but could some one put this code into their software and print me out a 6month chart of the QQQ? Its a lot to ask but It would be great. I got this from someone who says it works just like vantag points software.

    The Easylanguage is here:

    Input: DampFactor(.3), MALength(5) ;
    Vars: ProjMA(0), Mid(0), MA(0) ;

    Mid = (High + Low)/2 ;
    ProjMA = Mid - (DampFactor * (Mid - ProjMA[1])) ;
    MA = Average(close, MALength) ;

    Plot1 (ProjMA, "ProjMA" ,cyan, default, 1 ) ;
    Plot2 (MA, "Avg", yellow, default, 1 ) ;
  2. If you care to learn just a bit of Wealth Lab language you can use their website to perform backtests. They will give you a trade report, stats, etc. It would be a very good place to start.
  3. What time frame/bar length-1,5,15 minute, etc?

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    ya sorry I should have said that. 1 day. I would like to get piic of the QQQ for a at least a 6 months. A daily BAR chart will be perfect. Please

  5. Hope it comes thru OK.