would short MFW based on Overbot?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jimclark, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Would you shorted...since stock seems to be tired and keeps hitting above Bollinger bands, going at abnormal increase rate...reminds GEIO couple years ago.

    Thanks for sharing!
  2. Plus...
    -Daily Volume drying up
    -MACD hit highest and ready for decline
    -HISTOgram is tracing bearing down trend
  3. dac8555


    oh god...it is skyrocketing with increasing volume man...that is NOT the way to short a stock.

    Look for something that looks old with a topping pattern..and that is NOT it.
  4. That's a short squeeze if I've ever seen one, the short ratio is at 7.382. You have to be an idiot to short a short squeeze.
  5. how to tell a short sqeez?

    Where do I see short ratio...most up to date and accurate?

    I don't think my IB account has this info.

  6. Should I consider "waiting out" the short sqeeze run?