would ron paul be murdered if he got on top ...

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    Great point. We're on a collision course with destiny now.

    Too many people are waking up to the NWO agenda and the new media has only accelerated this awareness.

    Soon, the globalists hand will be forced. Either curb the internet and free speech or light off some nukes in the major metros.

    I sincerely believe it will be the later and we're going to see it within the 5-7 years. And thats conservative. Probably within the next 5 years.
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  2. Given that Ron Paul is 72 going on 73, and looks frail and sickly, I think if Paul were on top of this, he would indeed get murdered...

    <img src=http://www.blackassparade.net/images/black-thunder-thighs.jpg>
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  3. no way... Tgreegg says it is all just in your mind and he has a cartoon that can prove it.
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  4. Ron Paul is a medical doctor and admits he is obsessed with exercise. he is probably in better health than you are.. i know he is in better health than i am. he is still much younger than strom thurmond who served into his 100th yr of age. reagan was close to the same age at the start of his second term and in nowhere near the same shape as RP.
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    I've alerted the vast conspiracy, and they are coming for you all.

    Better run. Now.
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  6. is the federal reserve private or not?
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  7. George Bush is obsessed with exercise...how about we get a president who is not obsessed with anything...

    Oh wait, unless someone is obsessed, they would have no appeal to you....

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  8. speaking of obsessed... you registered after me but have 4.5 times the posts that i do. close to 16,500 post.. now that is funny. when anyone speaks of being obsessed.... ZZZzzzz is the Glenn Close of Elite Trader.

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  9. It is a riot, I talk about George Bush and Ron Paul being obsessive personalities, and of course, since you have logical sensible response...you need to talk about me.

    You lose...

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    The black helicopters are on their way. They're coming for you. That noise you hear outside might just be them getting ready to storm your place and drag you off in the night to be tortured and killed.

    Better not sleep there tonight.
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